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How it works  :

  1. Have your voucher at hand or Buy the Gift Card/Voucher for 50p$0.5 ,  €0.5 ) – Click here to Buy Now or on AMAZON | ebay. We charge this small amount to attract only Genuine and interested buyers/travelers and to prevent spamming.
  2. Call or Chat with us online to use your voucher or confirm your purchase, and start the booking process or simply send an email to, with the CITY , HOTEL BRAND or NAME of the hotel you wish to book.
  3. With the details you have provided, we will book your preferred HOTEL with a 5% discount off the present market rate ( market rate is determined by the specific Hotel, or Hotel merchants like, or Laterooms, etc )
  4. Receive Booking Confirmation details of your reservation sent to your specified Email & Phone
  5. That’s it – Enjoy your stay . Your desired hotel booked at a discounted rate

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Did you know that Hotels regularly sell their under booked rooms for less than their standard price. The Internet is loaded with hotel discount websites, so it can be difficult to know which service is listing the lowest price. While the Internet is still the best place to look for big deals on hotel rooms, you can use all these tools to get the biggest discount…. Continue reading