How to Find Cheap Hotels

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How to Find Cheap Hotels

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Did you know that Hotels regularly sell their under booked rooms for less than their standard price. The Internet is loaded with hotel discount websites, so it can be difficult to know which service is listing the lowest price. While the Internet is still the best place to look for big deals on hotel rooms, you can use all these tools to get the biggest discount….

According to WikiHow, most travel aggregate sites search for hotel deals. That does not mean, however, that all the sites will show the same information. Plan to look at three or more OTA sites before you book.
The hotels listed depends upon what hotels choose to list their under booked rooms and which sites have already sold out of their vacant rooms.

"Travellers waste money everyday, because they don’t know how to get a cheap deal on Hotel Reservation. "

David Kaffo , CEO Caftop Travel Group

Try comparing prices with several OTAs like :-

– : This site claims to find 25 percent or more off a hotel reservation. The benefit from Kayak is that it is well known by hotel chains and it allows you to compare a flights, cars and vacations in addition to hotels.

– : Try this site, if you want a risk-free reservation. Unlike most hotel chains that make you reserve with your credit card and pay a fee if you cancel, allows you to search for listings, pay at the hotel and enjoy a peace of mind with free cancellation.

– : This site is known for last minute hotel deals. If you plan a sudden trip and you have yet to book your hotel, these site will serve you well. You also enjoy a Reward system from

– : Use Trivago to search for cheap hotels using a meta search engine that includes hotel discount websites, like, Expedia, Booking, Priceline and Travelocity. It enables you to compare several booking sites to find you the best price for popular hotels and hotel chains.