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Best Price Guarantee

Our Promise. Best Price Guaranteed.

Our promise to you. We guarantee to offer you any hotel in the world at a cheaper price than any other reservation market.

All you need to do is register with us and let us be your hotel booking provider.

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As an example, if a Hotel Room cost: $55.00

Hotels.com – $58.00  |  Booking.com – $59.00  |   Hotelopia – $61.00  |  @ CaftopHotels – it will be $50.00

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Save money and spend more on your shopping. You are better off here @ CaftopHotels.com

How It Works

1 . Register with Caftop Hotels as your Hotel Booking Provider. To register, go to Sign Up on homepage or simple send an email to register@caftophotels.com

2. Whenever you need to book a hotel at a cheaper price, simple send an email to reservations@caftophotels.com, with the NAME & LOCATION of the hotel you wish to book.

If the hotel is available in our inventory, we will beat any other price out there –  Give it a trial

3. Within few minutes, we will respond to you with the Best Price Guaranteed ! – it will be 5-10% cheaper

4. Once you confirm that you want to make the booking, we will request that you make the payment and we will get the hotel for you and it will be the Cheapest Price you can get elsewhere.


OR do it yourselfBook Your Hotel Now

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