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Become a Partner

1  Register as a Partner

Earn some money with your property or spare room. Register with us as a partner. We showcase your property to our guests and holiday makers around the world. We also market your property on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to help you get more bookings and increase revenue!

How does it work ?

  1. List your property with us.
  2. We get you bookings and send you the reservations,
  3. You accommodate the guest. And 2 days after the guest checks out, you receive your money

2 Submit Property Details

Submit your property details, photos and price per night during your registration or email them across to us at list-property@caftophotels.com. Once we confirm your details, we set your property live and you can start receiving reservations immediately

Property Details to Send

  1. Type of property : Apartment, House or Spare Room.
  2. Address of the property.
  3. Quality pictures of the property: Inside and outside.
  4. Evidence of Ownership or Rental Agreement

3 Setup & Earnings

When we receive your registration, we will contact you to view your property or approve it if the pictures you sent us are clear enough

Once we approve the property, it will go live and becomes available for people to book and stay

What next ?

  1. Base on the type of property, we will we suggest or agree with you the price/night.
  2. We will then send you a mini-reservation contract.
  3. And once we have a booking for your property, you start earning money

Millions of holidayers are waiting to book your property

Start earning from your apartment, home, or spare room with Caftop Hotels

List Your Property . Accommodate a Guest . Earn Some Money

Why don't you get that Hotel Reservation at a cheaper rate - Any Hotel, Any Citycaftop-hotels-tripadvisor-room

We promise, we will get it cheaper for you. Enter your email to get this started OR call : 07462860204

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