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Caftop Hotels – we are an online hotel comparison and  reservations market.

Established for you and by you, our hotel search offers approx. 550,000 accommodations with online booking. Hotels and Apartment Hotels from 1 to 5 star luxury & affordable hotels, bread & breakfast, guest houses, cottage, country houses and many more.

Our search features cheapest rates, then followed by real-time rates, availability, special offers and the best deals on the web. Along with the availability of over 200,000 hotel reviews.

Our Promise. Best Price Guaranteed.

Our promise to you. We guarantee to offer you any hotel in the world at a cheaper price than any other reservation market. All you need to do is register with us and let us be your hotel booking provider.

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Our Mission

Though started as a small online travel portal, our mission is to become the leading Online-Travel-Reservations website in the demograph in which we serve and the most popular in the Travel/Accommodation industry for these specified demographs.

In addition to the widespread increase of holiday and hotel bookings, the opening of new markets and the continued development to make online bookings user friendly, we are developing new booking features in order to provide a better  service to our online visitors.



Our Team

caftop-hotel-teamWe are a team of 6 people working to get you the cheapest hotel deal when you need it

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We are always in need of people with great ideas. If you would like to join us, please send us an email at admin@caftophotels.com 


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